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This is the book that started the Primal Revolution. It has been followed by 14 books. List and details of all the books by Dr. Arthur Janov can be found here.

Arthur Janov has teamed up with legendary composer David Foster to present Primal Scream: The Musical.

Hoffer Prize
Arthur Janov has been nominated as the finalist for the prestigious International Hoffer Prize for Literature in Health and Science for his book Life Before Birth. It is a great honor as this is the prize for the book of the year.

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I Feel Good: A Letter From a Patient. Read the fascinating story by a patient of what Primal Therapy can do. A. G. Los Angeles 2013.  More >>


I am ninety now so I have earned the right to reflect a bit. So here goes:

What have I learned about life? A lot and not much since it is what I have learned about people in my life that counts. First of all, my great great staff, some of whom have been with me for fifty years, others thirty years. It is a lifetime together that counts. And yes, they and I have many flaws but we are all human for God's sake and that is part of being human. More >>


Never before in the history of psychology has a psychotherapy laid out its basic tenets and principles, its techniques, its therapeutic processes, its rationales, its science, and how to do the therapy. It is a major undertaking for the good of mankind.

It was done by Dr. France Janov, Clinical Director of the Primal Center in Santa Monica, California. It comprises 6 years of in depth training with Primal Therapy students. It includes videos of therapy sessions, followed by clinical discussions that include diagrams of the brain exposing levels of consciousness and their function.

This program offers guidelines of what is proper Primal Therapy and how to know when it is not done right.

Part one of the Primal Legacy is now available for purchase on Vimeo: and part 2 is coming up soon

Click here for the full list of titles and subtitles of the Primal Legacy program.

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Listen to our patients, and radio interviews.

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The Legacy Program includes 4 years of clinical therapy review, shot during the training at the Primal Center. In this program every therapeutic intervention was discussed, and grounded into theory.
The curriculum will include an important number of pure clinical tape reviews. These will all be identified by Keywords like "Overload‚" "Abreaction," "Melange,""Dialectic," "The 3 lines of consciousness," etc, according to what each session presented.

We will present regularly new clinical excerpt of videos In the Legacy Program, each video will come with its the corresponding text. These videos will present various degrees of sophistication of the science of Primal Therapy as we practice it at the Primal Center. They will not necessarily be in the order they were taught. More >>

supporting evidence

Read about our Research on Primal Therapy.

Our Research Confirms the Truth of the Imprint:
The UCLA Experiment. More>>

How We Changed Serotonin Levels Naturally.
Also enhancing the immune system through feeling.
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Read the Supporting Evidence from the Research world that supports or inform Primal Theory.

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