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Dr. Arthur Janov examines the power of beliefs and how they are used as a mechanism for dealing with early trauma that goes as far back as birth. Beliefs are a way to rationalize with pain rooted deep in the unconscious, and reveal that love is a biological need. Dr. Janov applies engrossing case studies and his many years of experience to bring the reader one step closer to understanding human behavior, and how pain can become converted into an idea. Available on Amazon:

This is Dr. Janov's opus magnum, a revolutionary work in every sense of the word. It may help to change the practice of psychotherapy as we know it, and above it, how we give birth today; the shoulds and should nots. It explains in detail how early trauma and adversity can have lifelong consequences and result in serious afflictions from cancer to diabetes. It can have monumental implications for medical practice, as well, and points to how we can rear healthy children.

Dr. Arthur Janov's Blog
A collection of articles by Dr Arthur Janov and comments from his readers.

Video Catalog

All Primal Center videos are available on DVDs. (Please note the DVDs come in NTSC format -US & Canada- only.)

The Primal Center has been creating over the years a whole library of in-house training by Dr. Arthur Janov, Dr. France D. Janov, and staff members.

This is a unique way to learn more about Primal Therapy, the theory behind it, and its practical applications.

Most of our DVDs are about one hour and a half long. They are grouped into series, with topics as follows:

The Practice of Primal Therapy
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Neurologic Trajectory of Feeling DVD
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Tree of Feeling... the Study of a Primal Session DVD
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A Random Evening with Dr. France Janov DVD
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Insights in Primal Therapy DVD
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A Excerpt of Clinical Training DVD
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On Relationships by Dr. France Janov DVD
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On Anger by Dr. France Janov DVD
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"... I watched your DVD series and I am particularly appreciative of your giving as much scientific and research basis to primal therapy (as a field) as possible..."
- (M.N., London, August 2006)
...In these DVD your command of primal theory and practice is superb! I like this inclusion of research findings from the neuro-biological (or neurology) field..."
- (M.D., London, August 2006)

Series 1

  1. Primal Therapy: An Extraordinary Tool
  2. Anchoring the Feeling (two volumes)
  3. What is Primal Healing?
  4. The Lifelong Effects of Birth
  5. Sexuality
Series 1 Prices
Complete Series 1 on DVD: $175
Shipping: US/Canada $20; Europe $30; Other locations
Europe (NTSC Version):
Europe (PAL Version):
Individual DVDs: $35
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Series 2

This series was recorded at the Primal Center in 1996-1997. It features Dr. France D. Janov and staff members, with the participation of students and Primal Therapy patients. The series is a lively exploration of the various implications of Primal Therapy in different areas of life.

  1. What is Primal Therapy?
  2. Birth Needs: Primal Pain and Repression
  3. The Chain of Pain: The Necessity of Repression and Repression at Work
  4. Various Kinds of Act-Outs (with Case Histories)
  5. Act-Out and Act-Out Patterns Based on Birth Imprint
  6. Act-Outs in Therapy and in Life
  7. The Role of Insights in Therapy
  8. Depression, Manic-Depression, and Anxiety
  9. What is "Wellness"?
Series 2 Prices
Complete Series 2 on DVD: $260
Shipping: US/Canada $30; Elsewhere $45; Other locations
Europe (NTSC Version):
Europe (PAL Version):
Individual DVDs: $35
Shipping: US/Canada $5; Europe $8; Other locations


Series 3

This series constitutes a comprehensive look at Primal Therapy in various aspects, including theory and clinical with participation from the audience.

1. HOW TO MAKE PRIMAL THERAPY WORK IN YOUR LIFE (2 videos or DVDs; times are approximately 1:31 for the first, and 0:50 the second)

Lecture by Dr. France D. Janov with live audience

In this two-part lecture, Dr. France Janov explores the basics of Primal Therapy, how pain is laid down in our brain and registered in our psychophysiology. How to undo the effect of that pain by going back to the origin of painful feelings. It explains how therapy can change our lives and free ourselves from neurosis.

Part one explores Primal Therapy in relation to neurology. How changes in therapy are accompanied by changes in the nervous system.

Exploration of the role of insights, what are act-outs and what function do they serve.

     In part two, Primal Therapy is discussed as a tool to access our feelings and the curative role  of feeling them.

2. ON ACCESS (1:09)

Lecture by Dr. France Janov with live audience

In response to questions from the audience, we explore real love versus unreal love, childhood need and symbolization into adult relationships.

Definition of access in a Primal sense, and how to gain access to ourselves.

What is repression on a neurological level.

Exploration of 3 cases: patient in overload, patient in pain and patient very repressed. These are clinical assessments of how to treat them.

The importance of feeling on all the levels of consciousness and getting to childhood need.

First line pain and abreaction.

3. ON INSIGHTS (1:16)

Lecture by Dr. France Janov with audience participation and personal examples.

What are insights, what part do they play in therapy and in our lives.

How to use and apply them to therapy and our lives.

4. ON WELLNESS (1:04)

Lecture by Dr. France Janov with live audience

Primal definition of wellness and its criteria.

We go back to the symptoms and problems that may exist before therapy.

The active part one can take in the process of getting better in all the areas of life.

The importance of going back to childhood need.

Series 3 Prices
Complete Series 3 on DVD: $140
Shipping: US/Canada $20; Europe $30; Other locations
Europe (NTSC Version):
Europe (PAL Version):

Individual DVDs: $35
Shipping: US/Canada $5; Europe $8; Other locations



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More videos from recent lectures and seminars at Dr. Janov's Primal Center will regularly become available; they will be announced on this site. Please feel free to e-mail or otherwise contact us for more information.

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